Welcome to Rooftech

Welcome to Rooftech Roofing Technology Systems Rooftech has been importing roofing materials for more than 3 decades. Our consept is Quality products at competitive prices. We offer a full range of products for the roof as well as specialise in Roofing Technology Systems.

The product range varies from Thermal Insulating Panels to Thermal, Moisture and Accustic Insulating Materials, Roof Mortars and Roofing Accessories as well as Timber, Metal to Roof Tiles and Asphalt Shingles as well as PVC-U Guttering plus PVC-UE Roofline Facias and Cladding Systems as well as Sofa laders and Sofa windows. Our imports mainly come from the European marker but we also import from the American and the Asian Market.



Roofing Systems Timber
Thermal Insulation Drainage/Guttering
Roof Mortars Roofline products
Roof Tiles/Shingles Sofa Products